Erick J Schmitt
Atlanta, GA
I am software developer that enjoys creating new things. Especially with ruby and elixir. Feel free to contact me via email.
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July 2013 - Present

A business I run that produces wearable wooden rings. Web store is powered by shopify. This company has a large following on facebook.
Owner / Developer
November 2011 - Present

Application thrown together to format a pdf to make flipbooks out of animated gifs. Mostly based on rmagick and prawn. Amassed over 30k uploads and generated pdfs after being mentioned on buzzfeed.

April 2011 - Present

Application thrown together to play with node.js, this app is a web-based version of grease monkey. Oilyape allows users to send short links to websites that will automatically inject javascript into the target website. Used for making jokes.

BLiNQ Media
BLiNQ Media
Senior Software Engineer
July 2010 - November 2013

Employed as the second full-time software developer to work on the BLiNQ ad manager (BAM), a facebook ad managment system. System began as internal ad managment tool and has since been licensed out to many large ad agencies.

PlayON! Sports
Senior Software Engineer
April 2010 - July 2010

Worked as a developer to build a portal website for surfacing recorded and streaming video content. Application is to replace current PHP solution built in Drupal.

Vitrue Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
April 2009 - April 2010

Worked as a software developer to produce client projects and company products in the social media marketing space. Building out key platform for software as a service product. Many applications lived at least partially as Facebook Apps.

Owner / Developer
Schematics for the masses
November 2009 - Present

Building a web-based schematic capture took for collaborative circuit design and electronic development.

Twitter clowning app
April 2009 - Present

Joke website built in a weekend for Atlanta Startup Weekend 3 (ASW3). Worked with three other developers to create this app in a weekend. Allows a person to fake a tweet from someone else, and it appears real. Originally t-shirts could be automatically ordered on cafepress and the fake tweet would be sent out by the fakewhale user, both of these features were shut down within days.

Owner / Developer
Deal notification service
February 2009 - Present

Built and launched DealWaiter in 4 days to monitor deal sites on the internet for user submitted item names. When a match is found the user is emailed, updates every 15 minutes.

Owner / Developer
Best workout site ever
July 2008 - Present

Designed, developed and deployed, a workout logging web service. Web application contains many features including workout sharing, printable log sheets, iPhone version and more.

Co-Owner / Co-Developer
Workout Supplement indexing and reviews
December 2006 - July 2007

Co-developed a workout supplement review site that had many supplements listed. Users could add reviews and comments about different supplements. Never developed enough traffic and development ceased.

Owner / Developer
Deal aggregation site
October 2006 - August 2007

Developed and deployed, a service that scraped other web sites and aggregated the data. This site provided a list of daily deals from around the web. Site grew to 50k users per month within approximately 6 months. Mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine, May 2007. Sold in August 2007.

Coursework in PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta, GA
Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, May 2008, GPA 4.0
The Pennsylvania State University. Harrisburg, PA
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, May 2005, with high distinction, GPA 3.95
The Pennsylvania State University. Harrisburg, PA
Associate in Science, Engineering Science, May 2004, Summa Cum Laude, GPA 3.88
Montgomery County Community College. Blue Bell, PA